Teckwrap Chameleon HTV – Purple Charm Green


Teckwrap Chameleon Purple Charm Green HTV


  • 30cm x 30cm
  • Material: Polyurethane (PU)
  • Adhesive: Pressure-sensitive, activated by heat
  • Recommended Temperature: Typically around 275 – 300°F  | 10 – 15 Sec 
  • Compatibility: Cotton, polyester, blends, and more
  • Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight

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Elevate Your Crafts with Teckwrap Chameleon Purple Charm Green HTV

Discover the Magic of Teckwrap Chameleon Purple Charm Green Heat Transfer Vinyl

In the vibrant world of crafting, Teckwrap Chameleon Purple Charm Green HTV stands out as a transformative material for those looking to bring a touch of magic to their creations. This unique Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl is designed for crafters passionate about selling their work at markets or indulging in hobbies that sparkle. Teckwrap’s innovative product changes color, ensuring your projects captivate and enchant every viewer.

What is Chameleon HTV?

What is chameleon vinyl? It’s a mesmerizing heat transfer vinyl that exhibits a stunning color shift effect. Depending on the viewing angle and lighting, Teckwrap Chameleon HTV shifts through an array of colors, creating a dynamic and eye-catching finish. This magical quality brings an unparalleled depth and vibrancy to your crafts, making them stand out in any marketplace or home.

Crafting with Teckwrap Chameleon HTV

Simple Steps for Spectacular Results

Using Chameleon HTV is an adventure in creativity. Begin by cutting your design with a precision cutting machine, then weed away the excess vinyl. Use a heat press or iron to transfer your design onto the fabric at the specific temperature recommended for chameleon vinyl. This process embeds your shimmering design permanently onto the material, ready to dazzle and amaze.

Optimal Temperature for Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl

Ensuring Perfect Adhesion

The question of what temperature is chameleon heat transfer vinyl applied at is crucial for achieving flawless results. Teckwrap Chameleon HTV performs best when applied at 305°F (150°C) for 10-15 seconds. This precise heat setting ensures the vinyl’s color-shifting qualities are preserved while securing the design firmly to the fabric, offering both durability and a stunning visual effect.

Teckwrap Chameleon HTV: A Crafter’s Dream

Infinite Possibilities Await

Teckwrap Chameleon HTV invites crafters to explore new dimensions of creativity. With its unique color-shifting properties, this vinyl is perfect for personalized apparel, bags, cushions, and so much more. Every piece becomes a living canvas, changing and flowing with the light, ensuring that your crafts are not just seen but truly experienced.

Quality and Versatility in Every Sheet

Craft Without Limits

Teckwrap is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation, and Teckwrap Chameleon HTV is a testament to this. Crafters can trust in the durability, ease of use, and spectacular finish of this vinyl, expanding the horizons of what’s possible in craft projects. Whether for professional purposes or personal passion, this HTV pushes boundaries and elevates crafts.

Safe and Sustainable Crafting

Embrace Eco-Friendly Creativity

In line with modern crafting values, Teckwrap Chameleon HTV is not only mesmerizing but also eco-friendly and safe for all ages. Teckwrap ensures that crafters can pursue their passion while contributing positively to the planet’s wellbeing, offering peace of mind alongside stunning visual effects.


Illuminate Your Crafts with Teckwrap Chameleon HTV

Teckwrap Chameleon HTV redefines the crafting experience, blending unparalleled quality with the magical allure of color-shifting vinyl. This Chameleon Heat Transfer Vinyl invites you to step into a world where your crafts come alive, shifting and shimmering with every glance. Perfect for market sellers and hobbyists alike, Teckwrap’s HTV promises to make every project a showstopper. Embrace the magic of Teckwrap and let your creativity shine in iridescent hues.

Craft Without Limits with Teckwrap South Africa

Teckwrap stands at the intersection of quality, versatility, and sustainability, making it a top choice for crafters worldwide. Whether you’re creating to sell, gift, or personalize your space, Teckwrap HTV and Sticker Vinyl elevate your projects to professional levels. Experience the joy of crafting with Teckwrap, where your creativity knows no bounds.


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