Sky Blue Glitter HTV


Sky blue Glitter HTV

300mm x 500mm

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Customisable Sky Blue Glitter HTV.High-quality HTV vinyl product in vibrant colors, perfect for crafting and personalizing apparel and accessories. Available for purchase near you or online at
Sky Blue Glitter HTV R110.00
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Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV) has transformed the art of crafting personalized items. The demand for HTV has risen, particularly with the increasing popularity of Cricut machines, providing an easy and efficient way to create intricate designs, such as with our Sky Blue Glitter HTV.

At Customisable, we provide a broad range of high-quality HTV options, including our Sky Blue Glitter HTV. It’s ideal for various crafting projects, regardless of your level of expertise. Our products deliver exceptional and long-lasting results, and here are some reasons why you should consider buying our Sky Blue Glitter HTV.

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Heat Press:
TIME: 12 seconds
REMOVE CARRIER: Hot on polyester and Medium on Cotton

Important Notes: 

  • Remember to MIRROR your image before cutting.
  • After you have pressed your image according to the technical data above, we suggest you remove the carrier sheet and then cover your design with a Teflon sheet or parchment paper and press again for another 5 to 10 seconds, in order to assure a greater resistance to washing.
  • Do not store your glitter HTV vinyl in a moist or high humidity and hot room.
  • Please allow 24 hours after application before washing.
  • Wash inside out.
  • Can be tumble dried on a low setting
  • Iron inside out on a low setting.
  • Do not bleach.

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