Scratch off Rose Gold Stickers (10 stickers)


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    • Contains: 10 Rose Gold Scratch off Stickers 
    • DIY Stickers for Gender Reveal, Reward programs, Discount coupons and more
    • 10 stickers per strip

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Rose Scratch Off Stickers
Scratch off Rose Gold Stickers (10 stickers) R15.00
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Crafting and hobbies offer endless opportunities for self-expression and creativity. In this blog post, we’ll explore the exciting world of Rose Gold stickers, scratch-off stickers, and sticker vinyl—three versatile materials that can elevate your crafting projects to new heights. Prepare to be inspired as we dive into the unique characteristics and creative possibilities of each.

Scratch off Rose Gold Stickers :

Rose Gold stickers are a delightful addition to any crafting project. These stickers boast a mesmerizing, iridescent effect that changes colors when viewed from different angles. Whether you’re decorating cards, scrapbooks, or DIY accessories, holographic stickers add a touch of magic and whimsy.

Interactive and Surprising: Scratch-off Stickers:

Want to add an element of surprise to your projects? Scratch-off stickers are the perfect choice. These stickers feature a special coating that can be scratched off to reveal hidden messages, images, or prizes beneath. From personalized greeting cards to unique invitations and interactive game cards, scratch-off stickers offer a fun and engaging experience for both the creator and the recipient. Let your imagination run wild and create projects that bring a smile to everyone’s face.

Versatile and Customizable Sticker Vinyl:

Sticker vinyl is a versatile material that opens up endless creative possibilities. With sticker vinyl, you can personalize a wide range of surfaces, from notebooks and laptops to walls and windows. The self-adhesive backing ensures easy application and removal, allowing you to experiment and change up your designs as often as you like. With sticker vinyl, you have the freedom to customize and express your unique style, making your projects truly one-of-a-kind.


Rose Gold stickers, scratch-off stickers, and sticker vinyl are dynamic materials that can elevate your crafting and hobbies projects to new levels of creativity. Add a touch of magic with holographic stickers, surprise and engage with scratch-off stickers, and customize to your heart’s content with sticker vinyl. Embrace the vibrant colors, interactive elements, and versatility of these materials, and watch as your projects transform into captivating works of art. Let your imagination soar and explore the endless possibilities that holographic stickers, scratch-off stickers, and sticker vinyl offer. Get started today and infuse your crafting journey with innovation and joy.

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