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Acrylic Blank Sun

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Clear surface and smooth edges – both sides of the acrylic blank disks are covered with protective layer, just tear them off and you will get a clear appearance transparent disc with smooth edges, which with good texture and make your DIY projects look great.

Size : 5.5cm (w) x 5.5cm (h)


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Perspex Sun
Acrylic Blank Sun R5.00 Original price was: R5.00.R3.00Current price is: R3.00.

Crafting Brilliance with Acrylic Sun: Your Ultimate Guide

Crafters, it’s time to elevate your projects to a whole new level with acrylic blanks, like our Acrylic Sun. These versatile, transparent sheets are a crafting essential, and they offer endless creative possibilities. In this comprehensive guide, we will answer your pressing questions about acrylic blanks and show you why our collection at Customisable is a game-changer for your crafting endeavors.

What Acrylic Sheets Are Suitable for Cricut?

Acrylic sheets that are compatible with Cricut machines are those with the right thickness and cutting capabilities. Our Acrylic 6cm Circle is a prime example, specially designed to work seamlessly with Cricut machines, making your crafting experience a breeze. You can also use this Acrylic Coffin for your projects.

Can You Heat Press on our Acrylic Sun?

No, acrylic blanks are not suitable for heat pressing. Acrylic is sensitive to heat, and applying heat directly to it can cause it to warp, melt, or discolor. It’s essential to use other suitable methods for personalization and decoration.

Can You Use Cricut Vinyl on Acrylic?

Absolutely, you can use Cricut vinyl on acrylic blanks. The adhesive nature of Cricut vinyl makes it perfect for customizing acrylic sheets. Create stunning designs, labels, or even personalized gifts with ease.

What Are Acrylic Blanks Used For?

Acrylic blanks are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of crafting and DIY projects. Here are some fantastic applications:

  • Keychains: Customize your keychains with unique designs or personalized messages.
  • Signage: Create attention-grabbing signs for your business or events using acrylic blanks.
  • Home Decor: Craft stylish home decor pieces like photo frames, ornaments, and more.
  • Jewelry: Design your own jewelry using acrylic blanks as pendants or earrings.
  • Gifts: Make heartfelt, personalized gifts for loved ones, from coasters to ornaments.
  • Event Decor: Add a touch of elegance to your events with acrylic table numbers, place cards, and more.
  • DIY Projects: The possibilities are limitless. Acrylic blanks are a canvas for your creativity.

Why Choose Customisable Acrylic Blanks?

1. Premium Quality: At Customisable, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch acrylic blanks. Our products are designed to ensure your crafting projects stand out and last.

2. Crafted for Cricut: Our Acrylic 6cm Circle is tailored for Cricut enthusiasts, ensuring a perfect fit for your cutting and crafting needs.

3. Versatility: Acrylic blanks are perfect for a wide range of crafting projects. Whether you’re making keychains, signage, or home decor, the possibilities are endless.

4. Clear and Durable: Our acrylic blanks are transparent and highly durable, ensuring your designs shine brilliantly and last for years.

5. Affordability: We offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Crafting should be accessible to all, and we’re here to make it possible.

6. Acrylic Stands Combo: Check out our Acrylic Stands Combo, the perfect complement to your acrylic blanks for stylish displays.

Get Started with Acrylic Blanks

Ready to transform your crafting projects with acrylic blanks? Follow these simple steps:

1. Choose Your Shape: Explore our acrylic blanks collection and select the shape that suits your project best, like the versatile Acrylic 6cm Circle.

2. Design Your Project: Let your creativity flow. Design your keychains, signs, or any other crafting project you have in mind.

3. Cut and Customize: Use your crafting skills to cut and customize the acrylic blanks as needed for your project. Add your personal touch with Cricut vinyl or other methods.

4. Assemble and Decorate: Assemble your project, whether it’s a keychain or a sign. Decorate it to perfection with your unique designs.

In conclusion, acrylic blanks are the crafting essential you’ve been looking for. They’re versatile, durable, and perfect for a wide range of projects. Whether you’re a seasoned crafter or a beginner, our acrylic blanks collection at Customisable has everything you need to bring your crafting dreams to life.

Elevate your crafting experience with Acrylic 6cm Circle and explore endless possibilities with acrylic crafting. Your projects will thank you, and your creativity will shine like never before.

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