Cricut Maker / Maker 3 Tool Box


1 x Maker Tool Tray

The best way to house your blades and other accessories

Product does not include blades and accesories

Colour: off white.

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Cricut Maker Toolbox

If you’re a crafting enthusiast looking to elevate your projects, the Cricut Maker Toolbox must-have tools. Get ready to unlock new dimensions of craftsmanship and take your creations to new heights.

Maker 2 Toolbox: Your Crafting Companion:

The Maker 2 Toolbox is a comprehensive collection of essential tools and accessories designed to enhance your crafting experience. With a variety of precision blades and specialty tools, this toolbox equips you with everything you need to tackle any project. Whether you’re cutting paper, fabric, or even wood, the Maker 2 Toolbox ensures precision and efficiency, empowering you to bring your artistic vision to life.

Maker 3: Unleash Your Imagination:

The Maker 3 is the latest cutting-edge machine from the Cricut family, boasting enhanced speed, precision, and versatility. With its expanded cutting width and compatibility with a wider range of materials, the Maker 3 opens up endless creative possibilities. From vinyl decals and iron-on transfers to leather crafts and intricate paper designs, this machine can handle it all. Let your imagination run wild and watch as the Maker 3 brings your ideas to life with remarkable precision and efficiency.

Cricut: The Ultimate Crafting Companion:

Cricut machines have revolutionized the crafting industry, and for a good reason. These powerful cutting machines offer incredible precision and ease of use, making them a favorite among crafters of all levels. With intuitive design software and a vast library of ready-to-make projects, Cricut machines empower you to create stunning, professional-looking crafts with just a few clicks. From personalized gifts and home decor to custom apparel and party decorations, the Cricut is your go-to companion for all your crafting endeavors.


The Maker 2 Toolbox, Maker 3, and Cricut machines are game-changers in the crafting and hobbies sector. With their precision, versatility, and user-friendly interfaces, these tools provide endless creative possibilities for crafters of all levels.  Elevate your crafting experience and bring your ideas to life with these cutting-edge tools. Get started today and witness the magic of the Maker 2 Toolbox, Maker 3, and Cricut in action.

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